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Erotic massage with four hands in the city of Madrid

From Castellana Erotic Massages in the city of Madrid, we want to tell you the secrets of our four-hand massage. 

Without a doubt this is one of the most popular erotic massages in our collection and that is why it is a reference within erotic massages in the city of Madrid.

Get ready to live an erotic experience that will transport you to ecstasy.

Erotic Massages Castellana incorporated massage into CUATRO MANOS since it created its first collection of massages, we are talking about the year 2011 when it created the DOUBLE EROTIC EXTREME massage.

This massage was created for the most demanding and daring clients, who requested new experiences and wanted to abandon routine.

Our DOUBLE EROTIC EXTREME Erotic Massage is a unique creation of Castellana Erotic Massages and we can guarantee that you will not find in the City of Madrid, Places that have adapted their facilities and trained personnel, so that you can receive a four-hand massage like the one we offer. we offer you.

The Castellana Erotic Massage team knew that they had to improve themselves and get an erotic massage that was capable of offering a fantastic and incredible experience, that was so intense that it surprised our clients and where we could make their fantasies come true.

Imagine being welcomed by two of the beautiful masseuses and being accompanied by them to one of our PREMIUM rooms, where they will help you get comfortable, surrounded at all times by our sensual music and our careful decoration that will transport you to a state of relaxation and help you to disconnect from the day-to-day routine.

It is a very pleasant situation and easy to imagine, the two masseuses will accompany you to our Thay showers, where with very slow movements and to the rhythm of the music, they will be able to seduce you and make your body burn with desire.

Their hypnotic movements, their naked bodies, the touch of their skin and the warm light of the candles will lead you to immerse yourself in the erotic atmosphere of Masajes Eroticos Castellana, you will feel sensations that you have never had before.

Imagine how two incredibly beautiful women gently wash each other in a sensual dance and as this happens they invite you to join them to become the center of attention, undoubtedly a truly exciting experience.

Now the best begins, the erotic masseuses will dry you off and accompany you to one of our dry tatami mats, where the true DOUBLE EROTIC EXTREME massage will continue, their two naked bodies covered in hot oil will cover your entire body and make you shudder with excitement.

We would love to continue with the description of this wonderful four-handed erotic massage, but we consider that we must keep our techniques a secret, so you should come visit us to find out how it ends.

Trust us and you will not regret your choice.

Opiniones, reseñas y comentarios masajes eroticos en la Castellana, Madrid
Opiniones, reseñas y comentarios masajes eroticos en la Castellana
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